IUPAC Elections for the 2018–2019 Term

Every two years, IUPAC holds an election for its officers and committee members. About 120 individuals are to be elected or reelected, either as Titular Members, Associate Members, or National Representatives. Information concerning the voting process and the role of each kind of member is contained in the Union bylaws (see www.iupac.org/who-we-are/organizational-guidelines).

Any qualified individual who is interested in being nominated is invited to contact his/her National Adhering Organization (NAO) and/or the current committee officers. The next election will cover a two-year term that will start in 2018. Every Division Committee and Standing Committee will have vacancies. As part of the nomination procedure, NAOs are invited to submit curriculum vitae for each nominee to the IUPAC Secretariat no later than 15 February 2017.

Access the nomination form

(Nominations will be accepted only through the online submission form).

Elections for each committee will take place during the second trimester of 2017 and the 2018–2019 memberships for all committees will be finalized during the next IUPAC General Assembly in July 2017. Individuals interested in becoming officers on the IUPAC Bureau should contact their NAOs. Nominations for officers (i.e. Vice President or President Elect for 2018-2019) have a different timeline and can only be made by an NAO; officer elections will take place at the Council meeting during the next General Assembly in Brazil.

Contact information for all NAOs and Division and Standing Committee Officers is available on the IUPAC website, or upon request at the IUPAC Secretariat; e-mail <[email protected]>; tel.: +1 919 485 8700; fax +1 919 485 8706; www.iupac.org

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