IUPAC Blue Book – updated release

When the so-called IUPAC Blue Book ‘Nomenclature of Organic Chemistry (IUPAC Recommendations and Preferred IUPAC Names 2013)’ was last published in 2014, it greatly expanded the coverage of the previous edition (1979) and included for the first time recommendations for a preferred IUPAC name (PIN) for those needing a consistent name. Still and for use in general nomenclature, alternative unambiguous names were included.

That edition of the Blue Book was prepared over many years and inevitably was not totally consistent. Since its publication, corrections, changes and modifications have been listed on the following webpage: https://iupac.qmul.ac.uk/bibliog/BBerrors.html. A html version of the whole book including all corrections, changes and modifications has been prepared; it also includes a PDF of each chapter and a combined PDF of the whole book. A first revision was released on 1 April 2022.

A new version  -version 3- includes many small corrections and improved wording of the text that have been recognised since the last revision of the pdf of the book. The two most significant changes are an expansion of P-16.5.4 on the use of brackets and of the definition of a cyclophane in P- The latest revision was released on 6 Dec 2023 (as BlueBookV3.pdf) and is available at https://iupac.qmul.ac.uk/BlueBook/PDF/


The web version has been prepared and is maintained by G. P. Moss, School of Physical and Chemical Sciences, Queen Mary University of London, UK. Please return questions to [email protected]

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