IUPAC 2027 bidding update

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On August 13, at the end of Day 1 of the Plenary session of the Council, there was a ballot for voting on the Location and Dates of 54th General Assembly and 51st World Chemistry Congress (2027). The voting delegates received a ballot and an invitation to cast votes on “ElectionRunner” ending at 11:30 EDT Aug 14.

Three locations were presented and the results are:

Canada (Montreal) – 74 votes (49%)
Czech Republic-Slovakia (Prague) – 46 votes (30%)
Russian Federation (Moscow) – 32 votes (21%)

> ElectionRunner results view

Since no proposal received a simple majority of the votes recorded, the proposal that received the smallest number of the votes is eliminated and a new ballot will be released.

Vote for one proposal candidate

Canada (Montreal)
Czech Republic-Slovakia (Prague)

This second ballot was released Saturday Aug 14 at (noon) 12:00 EDT and will run until 06:00 EDT on Sunday, Aug 15, and the final result will be announced at the Plenary session of Council Sunday, Aug 15, starting at 08:00 EDT.



The results from the 2nd are:

Canada (Montreal) – 75 votes (52%)
Czech Republic-Slovakia (Prague) – 68 votes (48%)

> ElectionRunner results view

IUPAC 2027 – 51st World Chemistry Congress and 54th General Assembly – will be held 16-23 July 2027, in Montréal, Canada (see proposal presentation again (PDF 5MB), extracted from 51st Council Agenda book)

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