Inorganic Chemistry Division – Dec 2022 Newsletter

The 2022 Newsletter of the Inorganic Chemistry Division is now available! Download PDF
It was compiled thanks to Div II members input. Please keep sending your items, including pictures, or suggested topics for future issues, via email to Lidia Armelao <[email protected]>.

Feel free to circulate this newsletter to your colleagues, NAO and other interested parties.

A break-out session of the Division II off-year meeting. Left to right starting from top row: Robin Macaluso (USA), Dan Rabinovich (USA); Yang Farina Abdul Aziz (Malaysia); Lidia Armelao (Italy); Lars Öhrström (Sweden); Fabienne Meyers (USA); Juris Mejia (Canada); Pavel Karen (Norway); Onder Metin (Turkey); Javier García Martínez (Spain); Ken Sakai (Japan); Xiankun Zhu (PRC); Conchita Gimeno (Spain); Miki Hasegawa (Japan); Thomas Walczyk (Singapore); Elisabeth Bouwman (Netherlands); Phimphaka Harding (Thailand); Mi Hee Lim (Korea); Nnaemeka C. Ngobiri (Nigeria); Alessandra Sanson (Italy).

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