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  • How do I get involved with GWB2023? What is the procedure to become a Global Breakfast event organizer?

    Check out the “Getting Started Guide” video for some quick instructions.

    STEP 1 – Open the Organizer Registration Form. Fill out the form to create your account and click submit.

    STEP 2 – Login to your GWB Account with your email address and password. If you organized a breakfast in previous years, your email and password is still valid. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it. Avoid using the LOGIN button at the top of the IUPAC webpage. That login is for IUPAC members and will not connect with the GWB system.

    STEP 3 – Add a New Event to your account “My Events” page.

    STEP 4 – Go the GWB Global Map to check that your event location and details are correct. You can always update your page with new information by logging back into your account.

    STEP 5 – Check out the “Resources” for ready to use marketing materials and connect with other organizers using the “Directory” pages.

    STEP 6 – Begin planning your event for 27 Feb 2024!

  • What are the requirements to be a Global Breakfast event organizer?

    Anyone can be an organizer. We welcome both men and women as organizers and all types of science-based institutions, such as universities, government agencies, research institutions, non-profits or non-governmental organizations, companies, or high schools. Enthusiasm is the only requirement.

  • Is there a cost to register a Global Breakfast event?

    There is no cost to register a Global Breakfast event or multiple events on the website.

  • Can virtual events be part of GWB?

    Yes, virtual and hybrid events are more than welcome. We understand there are significant challenges in many parts of the world in coming together in person. On the registration form, you can indicate that your event is virtual, but we ask that you enter a physical address for your organization so that it will show up on the global map.

  • Does my event have to be held at breakfast time? Afternoon or evening works better for me.

    One of the great things about GWB is flexibility! You can design your event in the way that works best for you. You don’t have to schedule your event at breakfast time. It can be an afternoon or evening event. Sometimes a later timeslot allows for better networking with other events around the world.

  • Are there funds available from IUPAC to support the expenses of hosting a breakfast?

    IUPAC does not have funding available to support expenses associated with organizing a breakfast. Our role is providing a web platform and focal point for organizations and breakfast events to interact with each other.

    However, in the past some generous chemical society organizations have offered opportunities to apply for small grants to support Global Breakfast events. We encourage you to reach out to other science organizations in your region to partner with them to pool resources. Local industry organizations may be willing to help sponsor your event by providing either financial or in-kind resources. The Global Breakfast is a great opportunity to build ties with other science organizations in your region.

  • What types of activities should be included in a GWB event?

    All events are independently organized and should be designed to serve the needs of your attendees and your organization. There are no strict requirements on the structure of your event. Breakfast events can be at can be a quick one-hour meeting at a local coffee shop or more elaborate programs it is up to you! There is also no requirement that events be in the morning. If evening events work better for your organization, that is more than OK! Most important is to connect.

  • How do I find out my GMT Timezone?

    A good site to verify your local GMT timezone is, but there are several others where you can look up the GMT time zone for your location.

  • Will my event be included on the Global Breakfast map?

    Organizers who register will be included on the global map. Each breakfast will have its own mini-event page. Organizers will be able to update their own breakfast information on this page via secure login.

  • Do my attendees have to register at the IUPAC website?

    No, each event is locally organized and you may use any sort of sign up or registration system you wish or none at all. The IUPAC website will not have the capacity to register attendees at individual breakfasts.

  • How do I connect with other breakfast groups? Is it required that we connect with another group during our breakfast?

    Organizers who are logged into their account have access to an on-line directory of other organizers and we encourage communication via email, phone, app, or other means. However, it is not required that you formally connect with another group during your breakfast. If you do decide to connect with another group on the Global Breakfast day, it is a very good idea to test your systems ahead of time. Most important is to establish connections or “bonds” that will continue into the future.

  • How do I get the word out about my breakfast event?

    You have access to basic promotional materials which you can customize for your event. You can link to your mini-event page URL where information can be provided. Utilize social media, email, newsletters and other outlets to advertise your breakfast. You can add links to your social media channels like Twitter and Facebook on your IUPAC event page.

  • What will happen on the day of the GWB?

    The first breakfast events will begin in New Zealand and then the events will cascade around the globe, ending with the final breakfasts likely in Hawaii. At the scheduled start time of their events, the breakfast locations will be activated by a special map pin on our global map. Organizers and attendees are encouraged to engage on all social media platforms and share photos and short videos using the hashtag #GWB2023.

  • Can I hold my GWB on a different date?

    We understand that some groups will hold their GWB event on a different day due to scheduling issues or perhaps in collaboration with another conference or event. This is OK. The most important thing is to engage on the topic of diversity within your organization and to connect with other groups around the world. You can put details on your event page.

  • How should I submit photos, videos and other media from my event to IUPAC?

    We love to receive photos and videos from Global Breakfast events. We have set up a IUPAC group on the Flickr platform ( You will need to create a free account on Flickr in order to share your materials. We have put together step by step instructions to help you.

  • How can I use Social Media to participate in the Global Breakfast?

    Most importantly, please use the hashtag #GWB2023 in your posts about the Global Breakfast. Be sure to follow IUPAC on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Include a social media handle in your Global Breakfast event information so that others can find you on social media.

  • Are there Global Breakfast items that I can order for my event?

    Yes there is Global Breakfast Swag at the IUPAC Shop! There are stickers, notebooks, coffee cups, pins, water bottles and even a commemorative poster that you can order. Be sure to order early to ensure time for delivery.



  • When I try to register my event using the registration form, and I click on the Verify Address button, my address is not found or it finds the wrong location? How can I fix this?

    If your address is incorrect or if your address is not found, our registration form allows for entry of the latitude and longitude of your address. On your computer browser, open Google Maps in a new browser tab. Type your location into the search bar and find your location. If you cannot find the exact location, zoom in on the map until you have found where it should be. (See further instructions and screenshots below)

    Right-click the location on the map. You can do this with or without a location pin.

    Select the first set of numbers in the dropdown, which are the latitude and longitude of the location. This will automatically add them to your clipboard.

    Paste the values in digital format (not degrees) into the Register My Event form’s inputs “Latitude” and “Longitude” fields.

  • I've submitted my registration form. How can I ensure that my event is confirmed as part of the Global Breakfast?

    After you submit your event registration form, you should receive an email confirmation email from [email protected].

    On the main Global Breakfast page (, you should see your event listed in the event scroll on the left hand side of the global map.  If you click on your event on the list, the map should zoom to your event and show the link to your event information.

    Global Breakfast Map Screenshot

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