Women scientists and their cutting-edge contributions to science

Maulana Azad College of Arts Science and Commerce Aurangabad


Dr. Syed Ummul Khair Asema


11 Dr Rafiq Zakaria Marg

Aurangabad, MH 431003



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These talks will broaden transdisciplinary thinking and inform the audience of key scientific issues of global and regional significance. They will highlight the many ways in which women scientists have expanded their research horizons outside of laboratories and channelled their research knowledge toward the advancement and betterment of society. This initiative aims to acknowledge the inequities women may face while pursuing scientific careers by providing them with a platform to share their research with the global community and celebrate their accomplishments. The conversational will create opportunities for young students and scholars to interact with inspiring role models in the scientific community, while highlighting the diverse research and career paths available to students in the field of science.