The Chemistry Behind Deliciousness of Party Food

Department of science service, Bangkok, Thailand


Dr. Orasa Onjun


75/7 Rama Vi Road, Ratchathewi

Bangkok, Bangkok 10400




Our DSS-GWB 2024 is conducted on-site at Department of Science Service (DSS) on February 27, 2024 between 11:00 a.m. and 1 p.m. This event is one of parts in New Year party for staff in Division of Chemicals and Consumer Products, DSS. This event is welcomed for DSS scientists of all genders and all scientific fields of study. The DSS-GWB 2024 named as “The Chemistry Behind Deliciousness of Party Food” includes the scientific small discussion about “the chemistry behind the favor, taste, smell and appearance of foods” during lunch time. Besides, all participants can grab some snack, soda, and fruit and enjoy dozens of games throughout the event. This event offers a good opportunity for DSS scientists to meet one-on-one sharing their interests and experiences that make a strong scientific collaborative network in future.