Mulheres na Ciência: Celebrando Conquistas

PPGQ-UFF Instituto de Química - Universidade Federal Fluminense


Prof. Fernanda Boechat


IQ - Campus Valonguinho

Niterói, Rio de Janeiro 24020-150



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In february 20th, the Institute of Chemistry and the Graduate Program in Chemistry of the Federal Fluminense University organize the "1st Women in Science: Celebrating Achievements," an event that featured a program dedicated to valuing female scientists in the field of chemistry, encompassing indispensable discussions on the subject with the scientific community. Additionally, the event awarded four young scientists who shared their academic and scientific trajectories. The essence of the event lay in highlighting the achievements of these young researchers in the field of chemistry, reverberating in the local academic community and inspiring many others present at the event. Together, these initiatives highlight the vitality of women in society and the ongoing importance of empowering, and recognizing their achievements.