GWB at Tomsk State University: Marie Curie. A lifelong feat.

Tomsk State University


Dr. Tamara Kharlamova


Ulitsa Arkadiya Ivanova, 49

Tomsk, Tomsk Oblast 364028

Russian Federation



The meeting will be devoted to Maria Skłodowska-Curie, who broke the stereotype that women have no place in science. Experimental scientist, member of 85 world scientific societies, the first woman to become a member of the Paris Academy of Medicine. She received 20 honorary degrees and taught at the Sorbonne. She successfully combined the activities of a scientist and a preserver of the hearth, being the wife of Pierre Curie and the mother of two talented daughters.
Over a cup of tea, we will talk about the life of the great scientist, twice Nobel Prize winner Marie Curie. The greatest discovery of radiation and radioactivity by Marie and her husband Paul Curie produced a genuine scientific revolution in science at the turn of the 20th century. Marie Curie devoted her entire life to putting radiation at the service of humanity in physics, chemistry, and medicine.