GWB at Lomonosov Moscow State University: the fate and role of the mother of Dmitry Mendeleev

Lomonosov Moscow State University


Prof. Ekaterina Lokteva


Leninskie Gory 1 stroenie 9

Moscow, Moscow 119991

Russian Federation


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Traditionally the breakfast (actually tea and coffee with sweets) will be devoted to one woman the fate of which is not widely known but is closely connected with chemistry. This time it will be the fate of Maria Mendeleeva, the mother of famious Russian chemist Dmitry Mendeleev, one of creators of Periodic Table. 5th grade student Anna Zorina will present the short report about Maria Mendeleeva. Maria born 17 children, and Dmirty was the last born in 1834. This year, his father went blind, and Maria took charge, starting to manage her brother's glass business to earn money for the family. It was at this glass factory that Mendeleev became interested in chemistry as a child.
The second part of the GWB will briefly discuss current issues regarding the status of women members of our Faculty of Chemistry .