Diversity of ideas for the sustainable development of pharmaceuticals

University of Cordoba, Campus Rabanales, Marie Curie building (C3)


Dr. Olena Korchuganova


Pl. de la Universidad

Córdoba, AN 14014



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This event is organized by the UCO team involved in the SUSPHARMA project. SUSPHARMA aim is sustainable development in pharmacy and developing the action greener routes to prepare medicines.
The project consortium includes academic institutions and SMEs, each of which employs women, and 4 teams are led by women. Therefore, women's contribution to the development of the project is significant. Considering the variety of actions, participation in the project should contribute to their professional development and the success of the project. In addition to the project participants, scientists from other countries, in particular from Ukraine, were invited to the breakfast. The breakfast is designed for casual communication between female colleagues. The organizers will send the participants only a rough plan of the breakfast and invite them to briefly express their opinions about the general female challenges in science.