Diversity and Inclusion for better gender participation in Science

SCC Ltd- Service Cornerstone Concept Ltd


Mr. Jamiu Oyetoro



Ibadan, Oyo 200284




This programme is an avenue to support and sensitize women and girls, that they are the ones that can catalyse change for all-encompassing involvement and retention in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine (STEMM). Conversation with women leaders to break barriers for better gender participation is to bring women and girls together to share ideas. This is a seminar that will take place early in the morning. We will invite women leaders to the event to give talk, and also use films and documentaries of successful women leaders since mentoring is a tool for youth empowerment. Participants (85% female and 15% male), collaborators from RSC network, Women organization, Girls guide, High school students etc will join us at the event.