Addressing Gender imbalance in Chemical Science: Mentoring Session for senior secondary school's female students on adoption of chemical Science as a viable career pathway in Nigeria

University of Abuja


Dr. Bilkisu Adedoyin




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The event is set to address the systemic gender imbalance in chemistry by involving young women in
diagnoses and identification of the causal mechanisms influencing their decision on whether to
progress their study of chemistry to undergraduate and post graduate level. this will programme focus
on gender and chemistry degree choice of Olevel
students in Nigeria. Through this approach, the
driving factors behind loss of interest by female students between Olevel
and Undergraduatelevel
can be better understood to provision of appropriate mentorship.
The goal is to Promote Gender Equality in Chemical Science.
This event aimed at addressing the systemic gender imbalance in chemical science through
encouraging the study of chemistry at higher education level for adoption as a viable career pathway for
female secondary school students in Nigeria.