2024 IUPAC Global Women's Breakfast- Wuxi, China

Women in Chemistry Committee, Chinese Chemical Society; Wuxi Women's Federation


Dr. Hua Kuang


Wu Xi Shi, Jiang Su Sheng 214135




In 2024, WuXi Breakfast event is organized by Women's Federation and assistant organized by Jiangnan University. About 30 people including government women career officials , female chemical scientists, human resources counselor and young chemical researchers will attend the event. It’s aimed to provide an exchange platform for female chemical workers to share academic, management, and technical transfer experiences.
All attendants would have discussion on two topics: "The growth and development of female chemical workers" and "The advantages and breakthroughs of female leadership in a diverse society. Also, in dialogue cycles, the senior female chemical workers and human resources counselors would provide professional advices for young researchers. We believe that the in depth communication among attendants would promote the future cooperation , female talent growth and women influences, which fall well in talent recruitment slogan of Wuxi, "incomparable love for talents, looking fo