Women scientists at the forefront of global conflicts

European Chemical Society


Mr. Marton Kottmayer


62 Rue du Trone

Brussels, Brussels 1050



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While scientific achievements advanced the quality of life greatly, innovation in technology has also transformed conflicts across the globe in the last century. By taking this into account, we can see science’s responsibility in ensuring the minimisation of harm coming from conflict. As conflicts scenarios tend to increase exposure to abuse and discrimination, women represent one of the highly vulnerable groups in conflict. Therefore we find it crucial to hear and learn from the inputs of women researchers and scientists who are involved with science in conflict.
Therefore EuChemS’s 2023 GWB event will focus on the historical context of what roles women played in research areas relevant to conflict and crisis, such as nuclear and radiochemistry. The event will also examine contemporary efforts from woman researchers in fighting against chemical warfare, amongst other topics.