The GWB at Sorbonne Université

Sorbonne Université


Dr. Lydia Sosa Vargas


4 Place Jussieu

Paris, Ile de France 75005



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It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to our in-person event at Sorbonne Université (SU). The Unité de Recherche et Formation en Chimie of SU, together with the regional section of the French Chemical Society have come together to organise a morning of exchanges within our community on "Breaking Barriers in Science".

- Where and what are the barriers in our local community?
- Identifying our implicit biases
- Who takes on the "unseen" tasks in the workplace? How can we better "share the load"?
- Introducing diversity into the "decision-making" circles, why is it important?
- Let's talk about "Weaponized/strategic incompetence"

We will also be joining up with our other events in the Ile de France region via Zoom ! Join us and enjoy the beautiful city view at the Zamansky tower (24th floor) at our Pierre & Marie Curie Campus!

Free entry, registration required :