GWB 2023 Tromsø

UiT The Arctic University of Norway


Dr. Marie-J. Halsør


18 Hansine Hansens veg

Tromsø, Troms og Finnmark 9019



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Guest lecture by Associate Professor Melina Duarte from the Department of Philosophy at UiT The Arctic university of Norway. After the lecture, a few questions from the chat will be answered.
Title of the lecture:
“Making sense of “Diversity” in the Nordic Academia”

Local event:
The NordCO2 consortium, in collaboration with the CAGE and AKMA projects, invites all seminar attendees to participate in a discussion together with several groups focused on diversity/inclusion at our faculty as well as invited guests. Amongst them, the "Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion" (JEDI) group from the Department of Geosciences will join us, as well as Professor Giuliana Panieri (CAGE), and Elisavet Kozyri from the “Better balance in informatics” (BBI) project.

Further information can be obtained on our website (abstract for the guest lecture, registration to the local event, etc.)