Global Women's Breakfast Romania 2023



Miss Ada Lorena Niculita


202A Splaiul Independenței

București, București 060022



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The annual #GWB Romania meetings with representatives of the local research, conservation and education community are the social glue to awareness-raising initiatives regarding the rights and freedoms of scientific community members, and to leadership solutions that make research a more inclusive, representative and more accessible profession, both at the individual and institutional level – including how to be a reliable ally for those closest to you who find themselves in this endeavor.
On this occasion we’ll enjoy discursive explorations of the cultural and intellectual underpinnings of international educational exchange, and we'll address: the power of collaboration and how valuable it is to bring people from different backgrounds into project teams; new approaches to address challenges in the field of research; development of tools and measures for assessing the intellectual, personal, and intercultural development of students in an international and intercultural context.