A talk and Documentary presentation on "Indian Women Pathbreakers in the field of Science"

Ram Krishna Dwarika College


Dr. Amar Kumar


Rd Number 10

Patna, BR 800020




There are some incredible women characters from the past who braving all odds excelled in the field of Sciences. The current generation owes them a lot and it is important that they should know about them and find Inspiration from their life. This event will showcase the life and works of Anandibai Joshi- First Female Doctor; Anna Mani- First Indian Meteorologist; Janaki Ammal: First Woman Botanist; Kamala Sohonie- First Woman Doctorate; A Lalitha- First Women Engineer; Rukhmabai- India's First Practicing Female Doctor
After this Talk and Documentary Presentation A speech contest will be organized on the topic "Women Achievers of India"