webinar @ sustainable chemistry


Dr. Amar Kumar


208 Kankarbagh Rd

Patna, BR 800020




"Sustainable chemistry is a scientific concept that seeks to improve the efficiency with which natural resources are used to meet human needs for chemical products and services. Sustainable chemistry encompasses the design, manufacture and use of efficient, effective, safe and more environmentally benign chemical products and processes."
Benefits of Sustainable Chemistry
The environmental and societal benefits of sustainable chemistry include:
1. Avoiding the use of persistent, bioaccumulative, toxic, and otherwise hazardous materials;
2. Using renewable resources and decreasing consumption of non-renewable resources,
3. Minimising negative environmental impacts of chemical processing and manufacturing;
4. Providing technologies that are economically competitive for and advantageous to industry.
(OECD; https://www.oecd.org/chemicalsafety/risk-management/sustainablechemistry.htm#:~:text=A%20Definition%20of%20Sustainable%20Chemistry,for%20chemical%20products%20and%20services)