CO2PERATE & NordCO2 GBW 2022 - UiO


Dr. Marie-Josée Halsør


40 Niels Henrik Abels vei

Ullevål, Oslo 0313




Breakfast seminar with a guest lecture by Pr. Em. Christina Moberg from the KTH Royal institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden.
Title of the lecture:
“Empowering Diversity in Science – Strength lies in differences, not in similarities”
Scientific progress relies on the ability to ask questions which can lead to new discoveries. A research group composed of members with diverse backgrounds, thereby representing a broad pool of knowledge and experiences, brings different perspectives and this commonly leads to better problem-solving. In this introduction some aspects of how diversity of experience, age, nationality, ethnicity and gender contributes to the richness of the research environment will be discussed.
After the talk, there will be a discussion with our speaker, invited guests, and the audience.
Invited guests: Pr. Adela Muñoz Paez, University of Seville, Spain.