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SA RACI Global Breakfast

Join in the SA RACI breakfast event as part of the IUPAC Global Women’s Breakfast, “Breaking Barriers in Science”. A panel of speakers will give short presentations showing the variety...

Girls into STEM

Through different workshops, we are inviting scientists from different fields to engage with our high-school students and enjoy the event so that they could give them a taste of what...


Based on research students experience in academia and when they move into industry

Global Women’s Breakfast, 2023

The IUPAC Global Women’s Breakfast #GWB2022 will be held on 14th February 2023. The Global Breakfast is an event that happens on a single day in February of each year...

Panel Discussion on breaking barriers in Science

Panel discussion on breaking barriers in science- the essence of collaboration, mentee- mentor relationship, organizing seminars to enlighten the young ones in the career and bench – market relationship.