Greetings from Paris 2019

The Comité National de la Chimie (French NAO) and the IUPAC2019 Committees in charge of the Paris Events July 2019 have released an updated flyer for the 2019 IUPAC Congress; HERE it is for all to share [PDF].

The preparations of the IUPAC 2019 47th Congress, 50th General Assembly and Centenary Celebration in Paris are progressing well. A detailed Scientific Programme is available on the IUPAC2019 website <> . The organizers, mixed French and foreign, of about 30 Symposia have been identified and are all recognized scientists in their respective domains; they are now preparing the contents and agendas of some 80 half-day sessions. Eight plenary lectures, about 80 Keynotes and 160 Invited lectures are being considered, together with about 500 contributed lectures. A regular session will gather one Keynote, two Invited lectures and six contributed lectures. The Congress will welcome 2-3000 posters in two or three sessions, and with an audience similar to that of the two previous outstanding meetings in Sao Paulo-2017 and Busan-2015, i.e. more than 3500 registered participants.

On the occasion of this exceptional Centenary Congress and to emphasize the universality of IUPAC, the Congress is especially committed not only to welcome chemists from everywhere in the world but also to encourage the participation of scientists from both industry and academia contributing jointly to the regular symposia.

Questions and inquiries, please <[email protected]>
Prof. Clément Sanchez, Président of CNC, chair of IUPAC2019
Prof. Jean-Pierre Vairon, CNC, Coord. IUPAC2019

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