Fifth Polymer International-IUPAC Award Winner goes to Richard Hoogenboom

Richard Hoogenboom winner of the Fifth Polymer International-IUPAC award.

The Executive Editorial Board of Polymer International and the IUPAC Polymer Division are pleased to announce Professor Hoogenboom as the winner of the Fifth Polymer International-IUPAC award.

Richard Hoogenboom was born in 1978 in Rotterdam (Netherlands) and studied chemical engineering at the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e; Netherlands). In 2005, he obtained his PhD and continued working as project leader for the Dutch Polymer Institute. The final two years of this appointment were combined with a part-time position as senior product developer at Dophys Medical BV. After postdoctoral training with Martin Möller at the RWTH Aachen (Humboldt fellowship; 2008-2009) and Roeland J. M. Nolte at the Radboud University Nijmegen (NWO veni-grant; 2009-2010), he was appointed as Associate Professor at Ghent University (Belgium) in mid-2010, where he currently heads a research group on Supramolecular Chemistry ( His research interests include stimuli-responsive polymers, supramolecular polymers, and poly(2-oxazoline)s.

“It is an honor to announce Richard Hoogenboom as the winner of the 5th Polymer International – IUPAC Award for Creativity in Applied Polymer Science or Polymer Technology. Professor Hoogenboom’s research is as beautiful as his home base of Ghent” said Gregory Russell, current President of the IUPAC Polymer Division. “His research focuses on the development of adaptive and responsive materials inspired by natural self-assembly processes. This research goal is pursued by combining directional supramolecular interactions with well-defined polymeric building blocks and responsive polymer structures. He has over 275 refereed publications to his name, and an h-index of over 50.”

“Receiving the PI/IUPAC award is a great honor” said Hoogenboom, “and a beautiful recognition of the research of my group.”

Professor Hoogenboom will receive this award and give a lecture at the World Polymer Congress ( being held 17-21 July 2016 in the incomparable city of Istanbul. “His award lecture is sure to be one of the highlights of this flagship conference of the IUPAC Polymer Division”, added Russell. “I congratulate Richard and at the same time I would like to thank Polymer International for its generous sponsorship of this award, for which the IUPAC Polymer Division is indebted – long may the IUPAC-PI partnership continue!”

The award includes US$ 5000 of expenses and travel to the World Polymer Congress. Richard Hoogenboom succeeds William Dichtel (2014), Ali Khademhosseini (2012), Molly Stevens (2010) and Zhenan Bao (2008) as a winner of this prestigious award.

The winner was selected by members of the scientific committee representing Polymer International and the IUPAC Polymer Division:

  • Dick Dijkstra (Polymer International/IUPAC, Western Europe), Committee Chair
  • Professor Kurt Geckeler (Editor-in-Chief of Polymer International)
  • Professor Greg Russell (IUPAC, Australasia)
  • Professor Jiasong He (Polymer International/IUPAC, Far East)
  • Professor Michael Buback (President of IUPAC Polymer Division, Western Europe)
  • Professor Pavel Kratochvil (Polymer International/IUPAC, Eastern Europe)
  • Professor Chris Ober (IUPAC, The Americas)


The selection committee, the Editor-in-Chief Professor Kurt Geckeler, the Editorial Board of Polymer International, and the IUPAC Polymer Division extend their congratulations to Professor Hoogenboom.

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