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Green Chemistry in Mongolia

National University of Mongolia Ulaanbaatar 14200

In Mongolia, Green chemistry concept is not clearly and equally in all levels of the education systems such as secondary and high educations. The aim of this seminar/workshop on “Green Chemistry” is to improve understanding of the importance of Green Chemistry for intended stakeholders and provide instructional material for universities and schools. This IUPAC Flying […]

A Global Approach to the Gender Gap in Mathematical, Computing, and Natural Sciences: How to Measure It, How to Reduce It?

International Centre for Theoretical Physics Trieste, Italy

Reducing the gender gap is a major challenge for the whole scientific community, in developed as well as developing countries, and concerns everyone, men and women. The project has concentrated its effort on three main tasks: the Joint Global Survey with 30000 respondents (male and female) in more than 130 countries using 8 languages, the […]

WEBINAR !! Metrology, Quality and Chemometrics – Correlation of Test Results and Mass Balance Influence on Conformity Assessment

IUPAC/CITAC Workshop “Metrology, Quality and Chemometrics - Correlation of Test Results and Mass Balance Influence on Conformity Assessment”, scheduled for 19-20 Jan 2021 in conjunction with ISRANALYTICA Conference and Exhibition, Israel, is postponed to Jan 2022 because of COVID-19. However, an update as a web-seminar (zoom meeting) will be provided free of charge on 21 Jan […]

An update on the development of the InChI

Online Virtual

A major theme emerging from the December 2020 NIH Workshop on Ultra Large Chemistry Databases is the essential role of the IUPAC International Chemical Identifier (InChI) in our ability to link and query across large and diverse chemistry data resources. Therefore, we now seek to bring the chemistry community together for an update on the […]

Performance and Uncertainty in Qualitative Chemical Analysis

4 online sessions from 7:00 to 10:00 UTC, January 19, 20, 24, and 27 !! DOWNLOAD Programme Booklet (PDF) with the registration links (update January 10!) > For enquiries, please send us your email at: [email protected] The workshop aims to assist laboratories in using the EURACHEM/CITAC Guide titled "Assessment of Performance and Uncertainty in Qualitative […]


Online Virtual

Online Workshop organised by NFDI4Chem View Program Contacts: Oliver Koepler [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]   Aims: Deepen and/or establish collaboration between ontology curators and NFDI4Chem + other NFDI consortia related to chemistry Develop joint strategies: ontologies for research data management and beyond Work concretely on ontologies Application of ontologies in research data annotations Inspire service developers and […]

Diffusion in Nanoporous Solids

Kraków (Poland)

A Workshop on Diffusion in Nanoporous Solids to provide a first comprehensive set of guidelines for measurements and reporting of diffusion properties of chemical compounds in nanoporous materials serving for catalytic, mass separation and other relevant purposes. part of IUPAC project 2015-002-2-100, chaired by Jörg Kärger The forum for continuing this project activities aiming at […]

Metrology, Quality and Conformity Assessment

Tel Aviv Tel Aviv, Israel

A IUPAC/CITAC Workshop on Metrology, Quality and Conformity Assessment, initially planned as part of IUPAC project 2019-012-1-500 and postponed because of the COVID19 pandemic, is now planned again as part of the IUPAC project 2021-017-2-500, will be held in Tel Aviv, Israel, 17-18 Jan 2023, in conjunction with Isranalytica 2023 Conference and Exhibition, as its […]

Advancing FAIR Chemistry: Developing New Services for Sharing Chemical Data

If your are attending the ACS-Spring meeting this March in Indianapolis, we are glad to invite you to the IUPAC WorldFAIR Chemistry 1-day workshop titled “Advancing FAIR Chemistry: Developing New Services for Sharing Chemical Data”. Monday- March 27, 2023  8:00 -11:30 am WorldFAIR Chemistry Workshop (Hybrid & In-person) 2:00-6:00 pm In-person work-a-thons Chemical Structure Standards […]