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21 Jan 2019

Quality of Test Results for Conformity Assessment of a Chemical Composition – What is Good and What is Bad?

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This International workshop will provide a platform for discussion of the quality parameters of test (chemical analytical) results in pharmaceutical industry, environmental analysis, metallurgy and other fields, necessary for conformity assessment of a material or object. The discussion will include the following topics:
– use of measurement uncertainty as a parameter of quality of test results;
– evaluation of correlation of test results of concentrations of different components as another quality parameter of the results;
– influence of measurement uncertainty and correlation of the test results on probabilities of false decisions on conformity of the material or object;
– ways of minimization of measurement uncertainty to its target value and quality improvement.

It is expected that the workshop will be helpful for dissemination of the results of IUPAC project 2016-007-1-500 “Risks of conformity assessment of a multicomponent material or object in relation to measurement uncertainty of its test results”, as well as for development of a new project, the IUPAC/CITAC Guide on evaluation of total risks of conformity assessment of a multicomponent material or object.

The workshop will take place in conjunction with the Isranalytica conference and exhibition, 22-23 Jan 2019, Tel Aviv

For more information
Dr. Ilya Kuselman, [email protected], Chair of Program Committee
Reut Lazar, [email protected], Bioforum Applied Knowledge Center, POB 4034 Ness-Ziona 70400, Israel; www.bioforum.co.il