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4 August 2019 - 8 August 2019

36th International Conference of Solution Chemistry

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“Solution Chemistry in Action! From Fundamental Research to Large Scale Industry Application” is the theme for the 36th International Conference of Solution Chemistry (ICSC) which will bring together scientists from all over the world to discuss up-to-date results on solution chemistry; theoretical, experimental, simulations and practical applications. Sessions for the conference will include ionic liquids, supercritical fluids, Solubility phenomena and phase equilibria, spectroscopy of solution, solution thermodynamics and dynamics, colloids and interfaces as well as solution thermodynamics and dynamics.

Dr. Yongquan Zhou
Qinghai Institute of SaltLakes, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Xining 810008, China
Tel: +86 971-6317021
Fax: +86 971-6306002
E-mail: icsc2019@isl.ac.cn