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5 Sep 2018 - 8 Sep 2018

15th Eurasia Conference on Chemical Sciences

  • This event has passed.

The 15th Eurasia Conference on Chemical Sciences (EuAsC2S-15) that will be held at the Faculty of Civil and Industrial Engineering Sapienza University of Rome 5-8, September 2018.

The key objective of this conference series is to present to the world the frontiers of chemistry and allied sciences and to bring together both young and experienced scientists from all regions to open up possibilities of engaging them in meaningful collaborations at regional and global levels.

The “CHEMISTRY OF COMPLEX SYSTEMS” will occupy a special place. In fact, there is a great interest for complex chemical systems in engineering, physics, biology and environmental studies. The complexity comes from the fact that in many systems there is a large number of variables and many connections among these variables. The “CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGIES FOR LIFE (SCIENCE)” section will be addressed to discuss those particular branches of chemical technologies that involve the study of organisms such as microorganisms, plants, and animals including human beings. This topic is of wide interest because the diagnosis and therapy of many important diseases is currently based on advanced chemical approaches. The section “CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGIES FOR A BETTER ENVIRONMENT AND AGRICULTURE” will offer the opportunity to stimulate an active discussion and technical in-depth analysis of the latest chemical and biochemical knowledges applied to agriculture. The environmental protection together with the sustainment of a growing world population will be also an important topic covered by this scientific session. The relevant developments in the field of “PHYSICAL AND THEORETICAL CHEMISTRY” section will cover the necessary discussion on new discovered physical phenomena involving molecular systems and consequent possible useful applications. The conclusions deriving from previous conference themes will be grouped in a final transversal and interdisciplinary section generally regarding “THE WORLD OF MOLECULES”. One section of the meeting will have the subject theme “CHEMISTRY TEACHING FOR THE FUTURE”. This section will collect the new trends evidenced along the previous conference discussions, to translate them into new teaching approaches generally necessary to stimulate the diffusion of new chemistry knowledges.

Prof. Luciana Dini, Chair, National Organizing Committee
Cristina Gippa, Staff and Administration Supervisor EuAsC2S-15
Associazione NanoItaly
Via A. Scarpa, 16 – 00161 Roma, Italy
e-mail: [email protected]
Tel. +39 06 49766676
Cell. +39 3397714107

Post conf update:
October 2019: A collection of invited papers based on presentations at the 15th Eurasia Conference on Chemical Sciences (EuAsC2S-15) held at Sapienza University of Rome, Italy, 5–8 September 2018, is published in PAC Oct 2019 – Access PAC online; additional papers are published in the March 2020 issue and the July 2020 issue.