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Pure and Applied Chemistry Volume 89, Issue 9


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Papers from the XXVIII International Carbohydrate Symposium (ICS-28)

Tailoring trehalose for biomedical and biotechnological applications

O’Neill, Mara K. / Piligian, Brent F. / Olson, Claire D. / Woodruff, Peter J. / Swarts, Benjamin M.

Page 1223

Synthesis of p-methoxyphenyl sulfated β-GalNAc derivatives with inhibitory activity against Japanese encephalitis virus

Sakuragi, Miho / Suzuki, Ryoko / Hidari, Kazuya I.P.J. / Yamanaka, Takashi / Nakano, Hirofumi

Page 1251

Synthesis and antiproliferative evaluation of novel azido nucleosides and their phosphoramidate derivatives

Xavier, Nuno M. / Gonçalves-Pereira, Rita / Jorda, Radek / Řezníčková, Eva / Kryštof, Vladimír / Oliveira, M. Conceição

Page 1267

Molecular dynamics simulations of hexopyranose ring distortion in different force fields

Plazinski, Wojciech / Plazinska, Anita

Page 1283

Chemo-enzymatic synthesis of 3-O- (β-d-glycopyranosyl)-sn-glycerols and their evaluation as preservative in cosmetics

Guillotin, Laure / Cancellieri, Perrine / Lafite, Pierre / Landemarre, Ludovic / Daniellou, Richard

Page 1295

Synthesis and effects of flavonoid structure variation on amyloid-β aggregation

Matos, Ana M. / Cristóvão, Joana S. / Yashunsky, Dmitry V. / Nifantiev, Nikolay E. / Viana, Ana S. / Gomes, Cláudio M. / Rauter, Amélia P.

Page 1305

Extending the S-benzimidazolyl (SBiz) platform: N-alkylated SBiz glycosyl donors with the universal activation profile

Hasty, Scott J. / Rath, Nigam P. / Demchenko, Alexei V.

Page 1321

Anti-cancer agents and reactive oxygen species modulators that target cancer cell metabolism

Ndombera, Fidelis Toloyi

Page 1333

Discrimination of patterns of N-acetylation in chitooligosaccharides by gas phase IR spectroscopy integrated to mass spectrometry

Wattjes, Jasper / Schindler, Baptiste / Trombotto, Stéphane / David, Laurent / Moerschbacher, Bruno M. / Compagnon, Isabelle

Page 1349

Design, synthesis and evaluation of optimized saponin variants derived from the vaccine adjuvant QS-21

Fernández-Tejada, Alberto

Page 1359

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