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Pure and Applied Chemistry Volume 88, Issue 9


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12th International Conference of the European Chitin Society and 13th International Conference on Chitin and Chitosan (EUCHIS/ICCC 2015)

Moerschbacher, Bruno M. / Goycoolea, Francisco M.

Page 841

CD44 expression trends of mesenchymal stem-derived cell, cancer cell and fibroblast spheroids on chitosan-coated surfaces

Tsai, Ching-Wen / Young, Tai-Horng

Page 843

Bioactive chitosan based coatings: functional applications in shelf life extension of Alphonso mango – a sweet story

Prashanth, K. V. Harish / Baskaran, Revathy / DhanyaSri, E. B. / Rajashekaramurthy

Page 853

Commercial cellulases from Trichoderma longibrachiatum enable a large-scale production of chito-oligosaccharides

Tegl, Gregor / Öhlknecht, Christoph / Vielnascher, Robert / Kosma, Paul / Hofinger-Horvath, Andreas / Guebitz, Geog M.

Page 865

Hydrolysis of chitin and chitosan in low temperature electron-beam plasma

Vasilieva, Tatiana / Lopatin, Sergey / Varlamov, Valery / Miasnikov, Vladimir / Hein, Aung Myat / Vasiliev, Michael

Page 873

Production of chitosan oligosaccharides for inclusion in a plant biostimulant

Goñi, Oscar / Quille, Patrick / O’Connell, Shane

Page 881

New insights into the nature of the Cibacron brilliant red 3B-A – Chitosan interaction

Hoffmann, Stefan / Fuenzalida Werner, Juan Pablo / Moreno-Villoslada, Ignacio / Goycoolea, Francisco M.

Page 891

Co-assembly of chitosan and phospholipids into hybrid hydrogels

Mendes, Ana C. / Shekarforoush, Elhamalsadat / Engwer, Christoph / Beeren, Sophie R. / Gorzelanny, Christian / Goycoolea, Francisco M. / Chronakis, Ioannis S.

Page 905

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