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Pure and Applied Chemistry Volume 89, Issue 10


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Studies on oxidative transformations of thiols, sulfides and alcohols in the presence of chlorine dioxide

Kutchin, Alexander V. / Rubtsova, Svetlana A. / Lezina, Olga M. / Sudarikov, Denis V. / Frolova, Larisa L. / Loginova, Irina V. / Popov, Alexey V. / Grebyonkina, Olga N.

Page 1379

Oligosaccharide ligand tuning in design of third generation carbohydrate pneumococcal vaccines

Tsvetkov, Yury E. / Gening, Marina L. / Kurbatova, Ekaterina A. / Akhmatova, Nelly K. / Nifantiev, Nikolay E.

Page 1403

New trends in the cross-coupling and other catalytic reactions

Beletskaya, Irina P. / Averin, Alexei D.

Page 1413

Bromate anion reduction: novel autocatalytic (EC″) mechanism of electrochemical processes. Its implication for redox flow batteries of high energy and power densities

Vorotyntsev, Mikhail A. / Antipov, Anatoly E. / Konev, Dmıtry V.

Page 1429

Integral estimation of xenobiotics’ toxicity with regard to their metabolism in human organism

Dmitriev, Alexander / Rudik, Anastasia / Filimonov, Dmitry / Lagunin, Alexey / Pogodin, Pavel / Dubovskaja, Varvara / Bezhentsev, Vladislav / Ivanov, Sergey / Druzhilovsky, Dmitry / Tarasova, Olga / Poroikov, Vladimir

Page 1449

Interrupted amperometry: the new possibilities in electrochemical measurements

Semenova, Ekaterina / Navolotskaya, Daria / Ermakov, Sergey

Page 1459

Electrochemical DNA sensors based on spatially distributed redox mediators: challenges and promises

Evtugyn, Gennady A. / Porfireva, Anna V. / Stoikov, Ivan I.

Page 1471

Novel analytical approaches to determination of chemical warfare agents and related compounds for verification of nonproliferation of chemical weapons

Rybalchenko, Igor V. / Rodin, Igor A. / Baygildiev, Timur M. / Stavrianidi, Andrey N. / Braun, Arcady V. / Morozik, Yury I. / Shpigun, Oleg A.

Page 1491

New amorphous nanophosphors obtained by evaporation of silicates and germanates REE

Zuev, Mikhail G. / Il’ves, Vladislav G. / Sokovnin, Sergey Yu. / Vasin, Andrei A. / Zhuravleva, Elena Yu.

Page 1505

Modern energetics: current problems in energy conversion and utilization of produced energy

Alfimov, Michail V. / Razumov, Vladimir F.

Page 1521

Electroflotation extraction of sparingly soluble compounds of non-ferrous and rare-earth metals from liquid technological waste

Kolesnikov, Vladimir A. / Brodsky, Vladimir A. / Perfil’eva, Anna V. / Kolesnikov, Artem V.

Page 1535

The physicochemical bases of the pyrometallurgical processing of the titanomagnetite ores

Dmitriev, A. N. / Vitkina, G. Yu. / Petukhov, R. V.

Page 1543

Prospective directions for development of metallurgy and materials science of steel

Zaitsev, Alexander I.

Page 1553

Analysis and synthesis of optimal supply systems for gas-chemical complexes

Dolotovskij, Igor V. / Larin, Evgeniy A. / Dolotovskaya, Nadezhda V.

Page 1567

Development of new catalytic processes for processing petroleum feedstock

Kapustin, Vladimir / Chernysheva, Elena / Maximova, Alexandra / Zinchenko, Yulia

Page 1579

Electronic nose based on nanoweights, expectation and reality

Kuchmenko, Tatyana Anatolievna

Page 1587

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