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Pure and Applied Chemistry Volume 88, Issue 10-11


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The 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Burrows, Hugh D. / Hartshorn, Richard M.

Page 917

Cyclotriphosphazene, an old compound applied to the synthesis of smart dendrimers with tailored properties

Caminade, Anne-Marie / Ouali, Armelle / Hameau, Aurélien / Laurent, Régis / Rebout, Cyrille / Delavaux-Nicot, Béatrice / Turrin, Cédric-Olivier / Moineau Chane-Ching, Kathleen / Majoral, Jean-Pierre

Page 919

Milestones in microwave-assisted organophosphorus chemistry

Keglevich, György / Kiss, Nóra Zs. / Mucsi, Zoltán

Page 931

Synthetic routes to polyphosphoesters as solid polymer electrolytes for lithium ion batteries

Iliescu, Smaranda / Plesu, Nicoleta / Ilia, Gheorghe

Page 941

Soluble polymer supports for homogeneous catalysis in flow reactions

Liang, Yannan / Watson, Christopher / Malinski, Thomas / Tepera, Justin / Bergbreiter, David E.

Page 953

Box-Behnken experimental design for the production of precipitated calcium carbonate

Kirboga, Semra / Öner, Mualla / Dogan, Ozlem

Page 961

Synthesis and characterisation of lignin-like oligomers as a bio-inspired consolidant for waterlogged archaeological wood

McHale, Emily / Braovac, Susan / Steindal, Calin C. / Gillis, Richard B. / Adams, Gary G. / Harding, Stephen E. / Benneche, Tore / Kutzke, Hartmut

Page 969

Synthesis, characterizations and Pb(II) sorption properties of cobalt phosphonate materials

Maranescu, Bianca / Lupa, Lavinia / Visa, Aurelia

Page 979

Performance of poly(styrene-co-divinylbenzene) functionalized with different aminophosphonate pendant groups, in the removal of phenolic compounds from aqueous solutions

Davidescu, Corneliu-Mircea / Ardelean, Radu / Adriana, Popa

Page 993

Synthesis of new dithia[3.3]parapara- and metapara-cyclophane based tectons: toward an universal surface-confined 2D/3D molecular binding motif

Zaborova, Elena / Six, Alice / Amokrane, Hanane / Charra, Fabrice / Mathevet, Fabrice / Attias, André-Jean / Kreher, David

Page 1005

Effects of surface modification and ultrasonic agitation on the properties of PHBV/ZnO nanocomposites

Bekat, Tugce / Öner, Mualla

Page 1027

Modified macromolecules in the prevention of silica scale

Spinthaki, Argyro / Skordalou, Georgia / Stathoulopoulou, Aggeliki / Demadis, Konstantinos D.

Page 1037

Ionizing radiation: a versatile tool for nanostructuring of polymers

Güven, Olgun

Page 1049

Non-classical effects in proton or hydrogen transfer

Waluk, Jacek

Page 1063

Source-based nomenclature for single-strand homopolymers and copolymers (IUPAC Recommendations 2016)

Jones, Richard G. / Kitayama, Tatsuki / Hellwich, Karl-Heinz / Hess, Michael / Jenkins, Aubrey D. / Kahovec, Jaroslav / Kratochvíl, Pavel / Mita, Itaru / Mormann, Werner / Ober, Christopher K. / Penczek, Stanisław / Stepto, Robert F. T. / Thurlow, Kevin / Vohlídal, Jiří / Wilks, Edward S.

Page 1073

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