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Pure and Applied Chemistry Volume 89, Issue 6


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23rd IUPAC Conference on Physical Organic Chemistry (ICPOC-23)

Beves, Jonathon E. / Harper, Jason B. / Thordarson, Pall

Page 677

Post-transition state bifurcations gain momentum – current state of the field

Hare, Stephanie R. / Tantillo, Dean J.

Page 679

How to computationally calculate thermochemical properties objectively, accurately, and as economically as possible

Chan, Bun

Page 699

The effect of magnesium ions on triphosphate hydrolysis

Barrozo, Alexandre / Blaha-Nelson, David / Williams, Nicholas H. / Kamerlin, Shina C. L.

Page 715

Philicity, fugality, and equilibrium constants: when do rate-equilibrium relationships break down?

Mayr, Herbert / Ofial, Armin R.

Page 729

Ionic liquid solvents: the importance of microscopic interactions in predicting organic reaction outcomes

Keaveney, Sinead T. / Haines, Ronald S. / Harper, Jason B.

Page 745

Mechanistic study of stereoselectivity in azoalkane denitrogenations

Abe, Manabu / Hatano, Sayaka

Page 759

On the ordeal of quinolone preparation via cyclisation of aryl-enamines; synthesis and structure of ethyl 6-methyl-7-iodo-4-(3-iodo-4-methylphenoxy)-quinoline-3-carboxylate

Horta, Pedro / Henriques, Marta S. C. / Brás, Elisa M. / Murtinheira, Fernanda / Nogueira, Fátima / O’Neill, Paul M. / Paixão, José A. / Fausto, Rui / Cristiano, Maria L. S.

Page 765

Iodine(III)-mediated synthesis of chiral α-substituted ketones: recent advances and mechanistic insights

Basdevant, Benoit / Guilbault, Audrey-Anne / Beaulieu, Samuel / Lauriers, Antoine Jobin-Des / Legault, Claude Y.

Page 781

The final fate of NHC stabilized dicarbon

Georgiou, Dayne C. / Mahmood, Ismael / Haghighatbin, Mohammad A. / Hogan, Conor F. / Dutton, Jason L.

Page 791

Oligocarboxylates as useful templates in dynamic combinatorial chemistry

Ulatowski, Filip / Jurczak, Janusz

Page 801

Methods for the chemical synthesis of carbon nanotubes: an approach based on hemispherical polyarene templates

Scott, Lawrence T.

Page 809

Displacement assay methodology for pseudorotaxane formation in the millisecond time-scale

García-Martínez, Fernando / Quiroga, Miguel / Rodríguez-Dafonte, Pedro / Parajó, Mercedes / Garcia-Rio, Luis

Page 821

Light guided chemoselective olefin metathesis reactions

Reany, Ofer / Gabriel Lemcoff, N.

Page 829

P450 catalysed dehydrogenation

Wong, Siew Hoon / Bell, Stephen G. / De Voss, James J.

Page 841

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