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Pure and Applied Chemistry Volume 89, Issue 2


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Science, Disarmament, and Diplomacy in Chemical Education: The Example of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons

Preface: Science, disarmament and diplomacy in chemical education: the example of the organisation for the prohibition of chemical weapons – The Spring 2016 Confchem

Belford, Robert E. / Forman, Jonathan E.

Education, outreach and the OPCW: growing partnerships for a global ban

Ballard, Joseph / Forman, Jonathan E.

Page 189

Education and engagement: key elements to achieve and maintain a world free of chemical weapons

Suárez, Alejandra G.

Page 197

Mainstreaming multiple uses of chemicals in chemistry teacher education programs of Africa

Engida, Temechegn

Page 205

Responsible Research and Innovation in secondary school science classrooms: experiences from the project Irresistible

Apotheker, Jan / Blonder, Ron / Akaygun, Sevil / Reis, Pedro / Kampschulte, Lorenz / Laherto, Antti

Page 211

Citizen science and international collaboration through environmental monitoring with simple chemical sensors

Mahaffy, Peter G. / Martin, Brian / Ooms, Kristopher J. / Tappenden, Andrew F. / Oliver, Mckenzie / Hislop-Hook, Rachel / Forman, Jonathan E. / Mans, Ulrich / Sabou, John

Page 221

Painful chemistry! From barbecue smoke to riot control

Green, Christopher / Hopkins, Farrha B. / Lindsay, Christopher D. / Riches, James R. / Timperley, Christopher M.

Page 231

Sampling and analysis of organophosphorus nerve agents: analytical chemistry in international chemical disarmament

Fischer, Elena / Blum, Marc-Michael / Alwan, Wesam S. / Forman, Jonathan E.

Page 249

XXVIth IUPAC Symposium on Photochemistry

Polyheterocycle-carbohydrate chimeras: photoassisted synthesis of 2,5-epoxybenzoxacines and 2,5-epoxybenzazocine scaffolds and their postphotochemical hydroxylations

Sai Reddy, D. / Mukhina, Olga A. / Cole Cronk, W. / Kutateladze, Andrei G.

Page 259

A supramolecular approach to controlling the behavior of excited states

Mongin, Cedric / Liang, Chih-Kai / Bibal, Brigitte / Bassani, Dario M.

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