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Pure and Applied Chemistry Volume 89, Issue 8


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Research papers from the XXth Mendeleev Congress on General and Applied Chemistry

Nifantiev, Nikolay E.

Page 983

Light-controlled spin-state-switching rearrangements of transition metal complexes with photochromic ligands

Minkin, Vladimir I. / Starikov, Andrey G. / Starikova, Alyona A.

Page 985

Hypoglycemic potential of cyclic guanidine derivatives

Spasov, Alexander A. / Vassiliev, Pavel M. / Lenskaya, Karina V. / Anisimova, Vera A. / Kuzmenko, Tatyana A. / Morkovnik, Anatolii S. / Kosolapov, Vadim A. / Babkov, Denis A.

Page 1007

Non-traditional Ziegler-Natta catalysis in α-olefin transformations: reaction mechanisms and product design

Nifant’ev, Ilya / Ivchenko, Pavel / Tavtorkin, Alexander / Vinogradov, Alexey / Vinogradov, Alexander

Page 1017

Perspective tendencies in development of small scale processing of gas resources

Arutyunov, Vladimir S. / Savchenko, Valery I. / Sedov, Igor V. / Nikitin, Alexey V. / Fokin, Ilya G. / Makaryan, Iren A. / Berzigiyarov, Parvaz K. / Aldoshin, Sergey M.

Page 1033

Cage amines in the metal–organic frameworks chemistry

Sapchenko, Sergey A. / Dybtsev, Danil N. / Fedin, Vladimir P.

Page 1049

Hybrid metal complexes with opposed biological modes of action – promising selective drug candidates

Milaeva, Elena R. / Tyurin, Vladimir Yu.

Page 1065

Electrochemical methods for synthesis of organoelement compounds and functional materials

Gafurov, Zufar N. / Sinyashin, Oleg G. / Yakhvarov, Dmitry G.

Page 1089

Monoterpenes as a renewable source of biologically active compounds

Salakhutdinov, Nariman F. / Volcho, Konstantin P. / Yarovaya, Olga I.

Page 1105

Some new trends in the design of single molecule magnets

Aldoshin, Sergey M. / Korchagin, Denis V. / Palii, Andrew V. / Tsukerblat, Boris S.

Page 1119

Catalysis in a dispersion medium for the hydrogenation of aromatics and hydrodearomatization in oil refining

Maximov, Anton L. / Sizova, Irina A. / Khadzhiev, Salambek N.

Page 1145

Mesoporous organo-inorganic hybrid materials as hydrogenation catalysts

Karakhanov, Eduard / Maximov, Anton / Boronoev, Maksim / Kulikov, Leonid / Terenina, Maria

Page 1157

Focused design of polypharmacophoric neuroprotective compounds: Conjugates of γ-carbolines with carbazole derivatives and tetrahydrocarbazole

Makhaeva, Galina F. / Sokolov, Vladimir B. / Shevtsova, Elena F. / Kovaleva, Nadezhda V. / Lushchekina, Sofya V. / Boltneva, Natalia P. / Rudakova, Elena V. / Aksinenko, Alexey Yu. / Shevtsov, Pavel N. / Neganova, Margarita E. / Dubova, Ludmila G. / Bachurin, Sergey O.

Page 1167

Nanomaterials for lithium-ion batteries and hydrogen energy

Stenina, Irina A. / Yaroslavtsev, Andrey B.

Page 1185

Nucleophilic C–H functionalization of arenes: a new logic of organic synthesis

Chupakhin, Oleg N. / Charushin, Valery N.

Page 1195

Polyfluoroalkylated 2-ethoxymethylene- 3-oxo esters: synthesis and chemical properties overview

Saloutin, Victor I. / Kudyakova, Yulia S. / Goryaeva, Marina V. / Burgart, Yanina V. / Chupakhin, Oleg N.

Page 1209

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