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Pure and Applied Chemistry Volume 89, Issue 4


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12th Conference on Solid State Chemistry (SSC-2016)
Klementová, Mariana
Page 403

Conference papers
Structural modifications of metallic glasses followed by techniques of nuclear resonances
Miglierini, Marcel / Matúš, Peter
Page 405

Highly conductive barium iron vanadate glass containing different metal oxides
Nishida, Tetsuaki / Izutsu, Yukimi / Fujimura, Mina / Osouda, Keito / Otsuka, Yuki / Kubuki, Shiro / Oka, Nobuto
Page 419

Physico-chemical and optical properties of Er3+-doped and Er3+/Yb3+-co-doped Ge25Ga9.5Sb0.5S65 chalcogenide glass
Himics, Dianna / Strizik, Lukas / Holubova, Jana / Benes, Ludvik / Palka, Karel / Frumarova, Bozena / Oswald, Jiri / Tverjanovich, Andrey S. / Wagner, Tomas

Spectroscopic ellipsometry characterization of spin-coated Ge25S75 chalcogenide thin films
Janicek, Petr / Slang, Stanislav / Palka, Karel / Vlcek, Miroslav
Page 437

The challenge of methods of thermal analysis in solid state and materials chemistry
Drábik, Milan
Page 451

Mössbauer spectroscopy: epoch-making biological and chemical applications
Lancok, Adriana / Volfova, Lenka
Page 461

Redistribution of iron ions in porous ferrisilicates during redox treatments
Lázár, Károly
Page 471

Textural and morphology changes of mesoporous SBA-15 silica due to introduction of guest phase
Bulánek, Roman / Čičmanec, Pavel
Page 481

Carbon dioxide and methane adsorption over metal modified mesoporous SBA-15 silica
Zeleňák, Vladimír / Magura, Jozef / Zeleňáková, Adriána / Smolková, Romana
Page 493

Titania aerogels with tailored nano and microstructure: comparison of lyophilization and supercritical drying
Šubrt, Jan / Pližingrová, Eva / Palkovská, Monika / Boháček, Jaroslav / Klementová, Mariana / Kupčík, Jaroslav / Bezdička, Petr / Sovová, Helena
Page 501

Solvent-free, improved synthesis of pure bixbyite phase of iron and manganese mixed oxides as low-cost, potential oxygen carrier for chemical looping with oxygen uncoupling
Mungse, Pallavi B. / Saravanan, Govindachetty / Nishibori, Maiko / Subrt, Jan / Labhsetwar, Nitin K.
Page 511

Synthesis, structure and thermal expansion of the phosphates M0.5+x M′x Zr2−x (PO4)3 (M, M′–metals in oxidation state +2)
Asabina, Elena / Pet’kov, Vladimir / Mayorov, Pavel / Lavrenov, Dmitriy / Schelokov, Igor / Kovalsky, Andrey
Page 523

Visible-light activated photocatalytic effect of glass and glass ceramic prepared by recycling waste slag with hematite
Ishikawa, Shiori / Kobzi, Balazs / Sunakawa, Kosuke / Nemeth, Szilvia / Lengyel, Attila / Kuzmann, Ernő / Homonnay, Zoltán / Nishida, Tetsuaki / Kubuki, Shiro
Page 535

Structure and properties of nanocrystalline nickel prepared by selective leaching at different temperatures
Michalcová, Alena / Marek, Ivo / Len, Adél / Heczko, Oleg / Drahokoupil, Jan / Vojtěch, Dalibor / Huber, Štěpán / Nováková, Radka
Page 545

Corrosion protection of zirconium surface based on Heusler alloy
Horáková, Kateřina / Cichoň, Stanislav / Lančok, Ján / Kratochvílová, Irena / Fekete, Ladislav / Sajdl, Petr / Krausová, Aneta / Macák, Jan / Cháb, Vladimír
Page 553

Toward the control of graphenic foams
Speyer, Lucie / Louppe, Océane / Fontana, Sébastien / Cahen, Sébastien / Hérold, Claire
Page 565

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