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{Conference papers}
A collection of invited papers based on presentations at the 36th International Conference of Solution Chemistry (ICSC-36), held in Xining, China, 48 August 2019.} keyword: ICSC-36


Tianlong Deng
Selected papers from the 36th International Conference on Solution Chemistry (ICSC-36) 1537

W. Earle Waghorne
Using computational chemistry to explore experimental solvent parameters – solvent basicity, acidity and polarity/polarizability 1539

Ingmar Persson, Josephina Werner, Olle Björneholm, Yina Salamanca Blanco, Önder Topel and Éva G. Bajnóczi
Solution chemistry in the surface region of aqueous solutions 1553

Marie-Claire Bellissent-Funel
Water confined in solutions of biological relevance 1563

Emiko Okamura and Kenzo Aki
Real-time in-situ 1H NMR of reactions in peptide solution: preaggregation of amyloid-β fragments prior to fibril formation 1575

Kazushi Fujimoto, Motohiro Fukai, Ryo Urano, Wataru Shinoda, Tetsuya Ishikawa, Katsumi Omagari, Yasuhito Tanaka, Atsushi Nakagawa and Susumu Okazaki
Free energy profile of permeation of Entecavir through Hepatitis B virus capsid studied by molecular dynamics calculation 1585

Glenn Hefter and Richard Buchner
Dielectric relaxation spectroscopy: an old-but-new technique for the investigation of electrolyte solutions 1595

Yaqin Zhang, Zhiwei Wu, Yaqian Wang, Hongyan He and Zhiwu Yu
Excess spectroscopy and its applications inthe study of solution chemistry 1611

Guangguo Wang, Yongquan Zhou, He Lin, Zhuanfang Jing, Hongyan Liu and Fayan Zhu
Structure of aqueous sodium acetate solutions by X-Ray scattering and density functional theory 1627

Cory C. Pye, Daniel C. M. Whynot, Christopher R. Corbeil and Darren J. W. Mercer
Desymmetrization in geometry optimization: application to an ab initio study of copper(I)hydration 1643

Zhijian Wu, Xiushen Ye, Haining Liu, Huifang Zhang, Zhong Liu, Min Guo, Quan Li and Jun Li
Interactions between adsorbents and adsorbates in aqueous solutions 1655

Kaj Thomsen, Martin Due Olsen and Lucas F.F. Corrêa
Modeling vapor-liquid-liquid-solid equilibrium for acetone-water-salt system 1663

Wanjing Cui, Hongfang Hou, Jiaojiao Chen, Yafei Guo, Lingzong Meng and Tianlong Deng
Apparent molar volumes of sodium arsenate aqueous solution from 283.15 K to 363.15 K at ambient pressure: an experimental and thermodynamic modeling study 1673

Di Duan, Baogen Su, Zongbi Bao, Qiwei Yang, Yiwen Yang and Qilong Ren
Extraction of various metal ions by open-chain crown ether bridged diphosphates in supercritical carbon dioxide 1683

Yoshifumi Kimura
Solvation heterogeneity in ionic liquids asdemonstrated by photo-chemical reactions 1695

Éva Böszörményi, Jorge Lado, Csilla Dudás, Bence Kutus, Márton Szabados, Gábor Varga, István Pálinkó and Pál Sipos
The structure and composition of solid complexes comprising of Nd(III), Ca(II) and D-gluconate isolated from solutions relevant to radioactive waste disposal 1709

Yucui Hou, Zhi Feng, Jaime Ruben Sossa Cuellar and Weize Wu
Separation of phenols from oils using deepeutectic solvents and ionic liquids 1717

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