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{Conference papers}
{A collection of invited papers based on presentations at the 15th Eurasia Conference on Chemical Sciences (EuAsC2S-15) held at Sapienza University of Rome, Italy, 5–8 September 2018.}

15th Eurasia Conference on Chemical Sciences (EuAsC2S-15) – 5th–8th September 2018, Rome, Italy
Dini, Luciana / Passeri, Daniele / Vergallo, Cristian / Rossi, Marco
Page 1549

The Jahn-Teller effect in mixed aqueous solution: the solvation of Cu2+ in 18.6% aqueous ammonia obtained from ab initio quantum mechanical charge field molecular dynamics
Saputri, Wahyu Dita / Wijaya, Karna / Pranowo, Harno Dwi / Hofer, Thomas S.
Page 1553

Facile synthesis of hydrogel-nickel nanoparticle composites and their applications in adsorption and catalysis
Shafiq, Zahid / Ajmal, Muhammad / Kiran, Sonia / Zulfiqar, Sonia / Yasmeen, Ghazala / Iqbal, Muzaffar / Farooqi, Zahoor H. / Ahmad, Zaheer / Sahiner, Nurettin / Mahmood, Khalid / Ahmad, Hafiz Badaruddin / Al-Harrasi, Ahmed
Page 1567

The effect of pore morphology on the catalytic performance of β-glucosidase immobilized into mesoporous silica
Califano, Valeria / Costantini, Aniello / Silvestri, Brigida / Venezia, Virginia / Cimino, Stefano / Sannino, Filomena
Page 1583

Competitive pseudo-ELISA based on molecularly imprinted nanoparticles for microcystin-LR detection in water
Garcia, Yadiris / Canfarotta, Francesco / Smolinska-Kempisty, Katarzyna / Piletsky, Sergey A. / Pereira, Eduardo
Page 1593

Titanium based complexes with melanin precursors as a tool for directing melanogenic pathways
Vitiello, Giuseppe / Melone, Pietro / Silvestri, Brigida / Pezzella, Alessandro / Di Donato, Paola / D’Errico, Gerardino / Di Napoli, Michela / Zanfardino, Anna / Varcamonti, Mario / Luciani, Giuseppina
Page 1605

Stability of PMMA-grafted/Ti hybrid biomaterial interface in corrosive media
Schott, Tiphaine / Liautaud, Françoise / Kriegel, Sebastien / Faerber, Jacques / He, Wenjia / Masson, Patrick / Pourroy, Geneviève / Carradò, Adele
Page 1617

High performance liquid chromatographic profiling of antioxidant and antidiabetic flavonoids purified from Azadirachta indica (neem) leaf ethanolic extract
Vergallo, Cristian / Panzarini, Elisa / Dini, Luciana
Page 1631

Effects mediated by M2 muscarinic orthosteric agonist on cell growth in human neuroblastoma cell lines
Lucianò, Anna Maria / Mattei, Francesca / Damo, Elisa / Panzarini, Elisa / Dini, Luciana / Tata, Ada Maria
Page 1641

Heterogeneous palladium SALOPHEN onto porous polymeric microspheres as catalysts for heck reaction
Mella, Claudio / Torres, Cecilia C. / Godard, Cyril / Claver, Carmen / Pecchi, Gina / Campos, Cristian H.
Page 1651

Transfer of chemical elements from milk to dairy products
Sorbo, Angela / Ciprotti, Maria / Giordano, Rosa / Orlandini, Silvia / Di Gregorio, Marco / Ciaralli, Laura
Page 1665

Is hydrogen electronegativity higher than Pauling’s value? New clues from the 13C and 29Si NMR chemical shifts of [CHF3] and [SiHF3] molecules
Benedetti, Michele / De Castro, Federica / Ciccarese, Antonella / Fanizzi, Francesco Paolo
Page 1679

How alkali-activated Ti surfaces affect the growth of tethered PMMA chains: a close-up study on the PMMA thickness and surface morphology
Reggente, Melania / Kriegel, Sebastien / He, Wenjia / Masson, Patrick / Pourroy, Geneviève / Mura, Francesco / Faerber, Jacques / Passeri, Daniele / Rossi, Marco / Palkowski, Heinz / Carradò, Adele
Page 1687

Dual inhibitors of urease and carbonic anhydrase-II from Iris species
Saleem, Muhammad / Hareem, Sumaira / Khan, Ajmal / Naheed, Suad / Raza, Muslim / Hussain, Riaz / Imran, Muhammad / Choudhary, M. Iqbal
Page 1695

Electrochemical synthesis and amidation of benzoin: benzamides from benzaldehydes
Rocco, Daniele / Chiarotto, Isabella / Mattiello, Leonardo / Pandolfi, Fabiana / Zane, Daniela / Feroci, Marta
Page 1709

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