eTOC Alert ‘Pure and Applied Chemistry’ – Nov 2020

A new issue of Pure and Applied Chemistry is now available on De Gruyter Online.

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Pure and Applied Chemistry Volume 92, Issue 11




IUPAC Technical Report

Global occurrence, chemical properties, and ecological impacts of e-wastes (IUPAC Technical Report) 1733
Diane Purchase, Golnoush Abbasi, Lieselot Bisschop, Debashish Chatterjee, Christian Ekberg, Mikhail
Ermolin, Petr Fedotov, Hemda Garelick, Khadijah Isimekhai, Nadia G. Kandile, Mari Lundström, Avtar Matharu,
Bradley W. Miller, Antonio Pineda, Oluseun E. Popoola, Teodora Retegan, Heinz Ruedel, Angela Serpe, Yehuda
Sheva, Kiran R. Surati, Fiona Walsh, Benjamin P. Wilson and Ming Hung Wong
{See IUPAC project 2014-031-3-600}


IUPAC Recommendations

Definitions and notations relating to tactic polymers (IUPAC Recommendations 2020) 1769
Christopher M. Fellows, Karl-Heinz Hellwich, Stefano V. Meille, Graeme Moad, Tamaki Nakano and Michel Vert
{See IUPAC project 2009-047-1-400}

Glossary of methods and terms used in surface chemical analysis (IUPAC Recommendations 2020) 1781
Takae Takeuchi, A. James McQuillan, Alexander Shard, Andrea E. Russell and D. Brynn Hibbert
{See IUPAC project 2012-005-1-500}

Terminology of polymers in advanced lithography (IUPAC Recommendations 2020) 1861
Richard G. Jones, Christopher K. Ober, Teruaki Hayakawa, Christine K. Luscombe and Natalie Stingelin
{See IUPAC project 2012-001-1-400}

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