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Pure and Applied Chemistry Volume 90, Issue 11


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{Conference papers}
{Papers from the 7th International IUPAC Conference on Green Chemistry (ICGC-7)}

The 7th International IUPAC Conference on Green Chemistry

Tarasova, Natalia

Page 1671

The Contribution and Legacy of Academician V.A. Koptyug to the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC)

Corish, John

Page 1673

Modern supercritical fluid technologies for the processing of plant biocomposites: theory and practice

Bogolitsyn, Konstantin

Page 1679

Chlorobenzene hydrodechlorination on bimetallic catalysts prepared by laser electrodispersion of NiPd alloy

Golubina, Elena V. / Rostovshchikova, Tatiana N. / Lokteva, Ekaterina S. / Maslakov, Konstantin I. / Nikolaev, Sergey A. / Egorova, Tolganay B. / Gurevich, Sergey A. / Kozhevin, Vladimir M. / Yavsin, Denis A. / Yermakov, Anatoly Ye.

Page 1685

Accurate determination of pesticides, hormones and endocrine disruptor compounds in complex environmental samples using matrix dilution and matrix matching with dispersive liquid–liquid microextraction

Chormey, Dotse Selali / Fırat, Merve / Büyükpınar, Çağdaş / Erulaş, Fatih / Komesli, Okan Tarık / Turak, Fatma / Bakırdere, Sezgin

Page 1703

The corrosion inhibitor behavior of iron in saline solution by the action of magnesium carboxyphosphonate

Maranescu, Bianca / Lupa, Lavinia / Tara-Lunga Mihali, Milica / Plesu, Nicoleta / Maranescu, Valentin / Visa, Aurelia

Page 1713

Visible light-induced reduction system of diphenylviologen derivative with water-soluble porphyrin for biocatalytic carbon–carbon bond formation from CO2

Katagiri, Takayuki / Fujita, Kohei / Ikeyama, Shusaku / Amao, Yutaka

Page 1723

Global anthropogenic chemicals loads on the environment and the associated chemical footprint and planetary boundaries: a high-resolution regional study

Tarasova, Natalia / Makarova, Anna / Fedoseev, Andrew / Borisov, Danil

Page 1735

Kinetics of radical telomerization of acrylic acid in the presence of 1-octadecanethiol

Mezhuev, Yaroslav O. / Sizova, Oksana Y. / Korshak, Yuri V. / Luss, Anna L. / Plyushchii, Ivan V. / Svistunova, Alina Y. / Stratidakis, Antonis K. / Panov, Alexey V. / Shtilman, Mikhail I. / Tsatsakis, Aristidis M.

Page 1743

Dimensionally stable cellulosic aerogels functionalized by titania

Postnova, Irina / Khlebnikov, Oleg / Silant’ev, Vladimir / Shchipunov, Yury

Page 1755

{IUPAC/IUPAP Provisional Report}

On the discovery of new elements (IUPAC/IUPAP Provisional Report)

Hofmann, Sigurd / Dmitriev, Sergey N. / Fahlander, Claes / Gates, Jacklyn M. / Roberto, James B. / Sakai, Hideyuki
{see IUPAC project 2017-014-2-200}

Page 1773

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