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Pure and Applied Chemistry Volume 90, Issue 5


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{Conference papers}
{Papers from the 8th International IUPAC Symposium on Macro- and Supramolecular Architectures and Materials: Multifunctional Materials and Structures (MAM-17)}

Macro- and Supramolecular Architectures and Materials: Multifunctional Materials and Structures (MAM-17)

Karakhanov, Edward A.

Page 809

Computational insight into magnetic behavior and properties of the transition metal complexes with redox-active ligands: a DFT approach

Minkin, Vladimir I. / Starikov, Andrey G. / Starikova, Alyona A.

Page 811

Core-shell nanoarchitecture: Schiff-base assisted synthesis of ruthenium in clay nanotubes

Vinokurov, Vladimir A. / Stavitskaya, Anna V. / Chudakov, Yaroslav A. / Glotov, Aleksandr P. / Ivanov, Evgeniy V. / Gushchin, Pavel A. / Lvov, Yuri M. / Maximov, Anton L. / Muradov, Aleksandr V. / Karakhanov, Eduard A.

Page 825

Design of 2D-nanocrystals in water: preparation, structure and functionalization

Aslanov, Leonid / Zakharov, Valery / Paseshnichenko, Ksenia / Yatsenko, Aleksandr / Orekhov, Andrey / Tafeenko, Viktor / Chernyshev, Vladimir

Page 833

New water-soluble Schiff base ligands based on β-cyclodextrin for aqueous biphasic hydroformylation reaction

Dauchy, Maxime / Ferreira, Michel / Leblond, Jérôme / Bricout, Hervé / Tilloy, Sébastien / Smith, Gregory S. / Monflier, Eric

Page 845

Estimating chemical footprint: contamination with mercury and its compounds

Tarasova, Natalia / Makarova, Anna / Fantke, Peter / Shlyakhov, Pavel

Page 857

Fe3+-bis-ethylenediamine complex bridged periodic mesoporous organosilica for the efficient removal of arsenate and chromate

Parambadath, Surendran / Mathew, Aneesh / Kim, Su Yeon / Park, Sung Soo / Ha, Chang-Sik

Page 869

{Papers from the 12th Conference of the European Chitin Society (EUCHIS-12)/13th International Conference on Chitin and Chitosan (ICCC-13) Münster, Germany, 30 August–2 September 2015}

Antibacterial activity against Staphylococcus aureus of chitosan/chondroitin sulfate nanocomplex aerogels alone and enriched with erythromycin and elephant garlic (Allium ampeloprasum L. var. ampeloprasum) extract

Gómez, María Angélica / Bonilla, Jennifer Marcela / Coronel, María Alejandra / Martínez, Jonathan / Morán-Trujillo, Luis / Orellana, Sandra L. / Vidal, Alejandra / Giacaman, Annesi / Morales, Carlos / Torres-Gallegos, César / Concha, Miguel / Oyarzun-Ampuero, Felipe / Godoy, Patricio / Lisoni, Judit G. / Henríquez-Báez, Carla / Bustos, Carlos / Moreno-Villoslada, Ignacio

Page 885

Chitosan/chondroitin sulfate aerogels with high polymeric electroneutralization degree: formation and mechanical properties

Orellana, Sandra L. / Giacaman, Annesi / Vidal, Alejandra / Morales, Carlos / Oyarzun-Ampuero, Felipe / Lisoni, Judit G. / Henríquez-Báez, Carla / Morán-Trujillo, Luis / Concha, Miguel / Moreno-Villoslada, Ignacio

Page 901

{IUPAC Recommendations}

Vocabulary on nominal property, examination, and related concepts for clinical laboratory sciences (IFCC-IUPAC Recommendations 2017)

Nordin, Gunnar / Dybkaer, René / Forsum, Urban / Fuentes-Arderiu, Xavier / Pontet, Françoise
{see IUPAC project 2004-023-1-700}

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