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Pure and Applied Chemistry Volume 94, Issue 3 

April 12, 2022

Conference papers


3rd Baikal International IUPAC Conference on chemistry of snow cover, atmospheric precipitation, aerosols and climate


PAC keyword: snow coverevent:


Foreword to the special issue  247
Natalia I. Ianchenko

Anna V. Talovskaya, Valeria D. Kirina, Victoria V. Litay, Tatyana S. Shakhova, Daria A. Volodina and Egor G. Yazikov
Chemical composition of atmospheric particulate matter in the winter season as indicator of environment quality within urban areas 249

Tatyana A. Nikitina, Maria V. Smirnova, Andrey A. Ingiri, Sergey S. Sandimirov, Irina R. Elizarova, Liubov P. Kudryavtseva, Dina A. Petrashova and Nadezhda A. Yurtseva
Snow samples from settlements of the Murmansk region-genotoxic effects in Drosophila germ cells 257

Natalia I. Ianchenko, Anna V. Talovskaya and Alexey A. Zanin
Comparative assessment of fluorine, sodium, and lithium distributions in snow cover in Siberia 261

Daria A. Volodina, Anna V. Talovskaya, Anna Yu. Devyatova, Alexey V. Edelev and Egor G. Yazikov
Elemental composition of dust aerosols near cement plants based on the study of samples of the solid phase of the snow cover 269

Аzamat Madibekov, Laura Ismukhanova, Ainur Mussakulkyzy, Roza Kulbekova and Askhat Zhadi
Results of AAS-measurements of atmospheric deposition of copper and lead in the snow cover of Almaty agglomeration 275

Sergey A. Gromov, Senchao Lai, Dmitry A. Galushin, Ekaterina S. Zhigacheva and Maria S. Alexandrova
Climatology of transport and deposition of atmospheric substances of different intensity on the southern Primorye territory by using the meteorological reanalysis data and observations at EANET monitoring station 281

Victoria Yu Topchaya and Ekaterina I. Kotova
Composition of rainfall in the coastal zone of the Kaliningrad region of the Russian Federation (based on data from 2019) 285

Ekaterina I. Kotova and Victoria Yu Topchaya
Chemical and algological composition of the snow cover at the mouth of the Onega river (White Sea basin) 291

Vladimir Kuznetsov, Olga Bednova and Natalia Tarasova
Assessment of the quality of atmospheric air in woodlands of natural areas based on the intensity analysis of the process of dry deposition of impurities on an artificial underlying surface 297

Natalia I. Ianchenko and Ekaterina I. Kotova
Methodological aspects of snow cover sampling for chemical analysis 303

Tatiana V. Noskova, Olga V. Lovtskaya, Maria S. Panina, Daria P. Podchufarova and Tatyana S. Papina
Organic carbon in atmospheric precipitation in the urbanized territory of the South of Western Siberia, Russia 309

Ekaterina A. Zhadanovskaya, Sergey A. Gromov and Dmitry A. Manzon
Monitoring-based assessment of environmental pollution in regions of the Russian Federation 317

Anastasiya A. Rychkova, Ekaterina S. Zhigacheva and Sergey A. Gromov
Estimated acceptable critical load values for the ecosystem at the Russian Far East using EANET monitoring data 323


IUPAC Technical Report

Seabed mining and blue growth: exploring the potential of marine mineral deposits as a sustainable source of rare earth elements (MaREEs) (IUPAC Technical Report) 329-351
Fani Sakellariadou, Francisco J. Gonzalez, James R. Hein, Blanca Rincón-Tomás, Nikolaos Arvanitidis and Thomas Kuhn
{See IUPAC project 2018-039-3-600}

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