eTOC Alert ‘Pure and Applied Chemistry’ – June 2021

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Pure and Applied Chemistry Volume 93, Issue 6 

August 4, 2021 Page range: i-iii

IUPAC Recommendations
Goenaga Infante, Heidi, Warren, John, Chalmers, John, Dent, Geoffrey, Todoli, Jose Luis, Collingwood, Joanna, Telling, Neil, Resano, Martin, Limbeck, Andreas, Schoenberger, Torsten, Hibbert, D. Brynn, LeGresley, Adam, Adams, Kristie and Craston, Derek
Glossary of methods and terms used in analytical spectroscopy (IUPAC Recommendations 2019) 647-776
{See IUPAC Project 2017-027-1-500}

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