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{Conference papers}
{Papers from the 25th Annual World Forum on Advanced Materials (POLYCHAR 25) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 9-13 October 2017}

25th World Forum on Advanced Materials (POLYCHAR-25)

Chan, Chin Han / Abetz, Volker / Mukbaniani, Omari

Page 937

Characterization of polymer electrolytes by dielectric response using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy

Chan, Chin Han / Kammer, Hans-Werner

Page 939

Determination of thermodynamic and structural quantities of polymers by scattering techniques

Fischer, Birgit / Abetz, Volker

Page 955

Education program for controversial defect of recent X-ray instrument termed as a simultaneous small angle X-ray scattering and wide angle X-ray diffraction measuring instrument

Matsuo, Masaru / Bin, Yuezhen

Page 969

Synthesis and ionic conductivity of siloxane based polymer electrolytes with pendant propyl acetoacetate groups

Mukbaniani, Omari / Brostow, Witold / Aneli, Jimsher / Tatrishvili, Tamara / Markarashvili, Eliza / Chigvinadze, Maia / Esartia, Izabela

Page 989

Composites containing bamboo with different binders

Mukbaniani, Omari / Brostow, Witold / Hagg Lobland, Haley E. / Aneli, Jimsher / Tatrishvili, Tamara / Markarashvili, Eliza / Dzidziguri, Diana / Buzaladze, George

Page 1001

Direct determination of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) accumulated in bacteria by thermally assisted hydrolysis and methylation-gas chromatography in the presence of organic alkali

Baidurah, Siti / Kubo, Yasuko / Ishida, Yasuyuki / Yamane, Tsuneo

Page 1011

Synthesis, characterization and cellulose dissolution capabilities of ammonium-based room temperature ionic liquids (RTILs)

Javed, Fatima / Ullah, Faheem / Akil, Hazizan Md.

Page 1019

Conversion of glucose into lactic acid using silica-supported zinc oxide as solid acid catalyst

Lau, Kam Sheng / Chia, Chin Hua / Chin, Siew Xian / Chook, Soon Wei / Zakaria, Sarani / Juan, Joon Ching

Page 1035

Enzymatic preparation of functional polysaccharide hydrogels by phosphorylase catalysis

Kadokawa, Jun-ichi

Page 1045

An ideal enzyme immobilization carrier: a hierarchically porous cellulose monolith fabricated by phase separation method

Xin, Yuanrong / Wang, Guowei / Han, Wenjuan / Shen, Yehua / Uyama, Hiroshi

Page 1055

Functionalized and engineered nanochannels for gas separation

Kamakshi / Kumar, Rajesh / Saraswat, Vibhav K. / Kumar, Manoj / Awasthi, Kamlendra

Page 1063

Development of resistant corn starch for use as an oral colon-specific nanoparticulate drug carrier

Ab’lah, Norul Nazilah / Konduru Venkata, Nagarjun / Wong, Tin Wui

Page 1073

Aggregation kinetics of irreversible patches coupled with reversible isotropic interaction leading to chains, bundles and globules

Malhotra, Isha / Babu, Sujin B.

Page 1085

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