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Pure and Applied Chemistry Volume 94, Issue 7 

August 11, 2022

Conference papers


The virtual conference on chemistry and its applications, VCCA-2021, 9–13 August 2021

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Editorial 745

Ponnadurai Ramasami

Conference papers

Aleksey E. Kuznetsov
Hexabenzocoronene functionalized with antiaromatic S- and Se-core-modified porphyrins (isophlorins): comparison with the dyad with regular porphyrin 747

Sai Manoj N. V. T. Gorantla, Sudip Pan, Kartik Chandra Mondal and Gernot Frenking
Bonding analysis of the C2 precursor Me3EC2I(Ph)FBF3 (E = C, Si, Ge) 767

Stefano Costanzi, Charlotte K. Slavick, Joyce M. Abides, Gregory D. Koblentz, Mary Vecellio and Richard T. Cupitt
Supporting the fight against the proliferation of chemical weapons through cheminformatics 783

Sutopo Hadi, Tati Suhartati, Noviany Noviany, Kamisah D. Pandiangan, Yandri Yandri, Wasinton Simanjuntak and Junaidi Junaidi
Disinfecting activity of some diphenyltin(IV) benzoate derivative compounds 799

Rashid Hussain, Hira Khalid and Muhammad Qaiser Fatmi
HCV genotype-specific drug discovery through structure-based virtual screening 809

Jalal Z. A. Laloo, Nandini Savoo, Lydia Rhyman and Ponnadurai Ramasami
ExcelAutomat 1.4: generation of supporting information 819

Ingrid Ruíz, Jose A. Gómez and Laura García
Use of Circular Dichroism in the characterization of the fusion protein SARS-CoV-2 S protein (RBD)-hFc 829

Chetana Deoghare
Experimental determination of activation rate constant and equilibrium constant for bromo substituted succinimide initiators for an atom transfer radical polymerization process 839

Zamani S. Ncanana, Vinod K. Vashistha, Prabal P. Singh and Rajasekhar V.S.R. Pullabhotla
Degradation of o-, m-, p-cresol isomers using ozone in the presence of V2O5-supported Mn, Fe, and Ni catalysts 859

Zbigniew A. Szydło
The beginnings of chemistry: from ancient times until 1661 869

Easir A. Khan and Sultana R. Syeda
Chemical substitution in processes for inherently safer design: pros and cons 889

Innocent Joseph, Hitler Louis, Emmanuel E. D. Okon, Tomsmith O. Unimuke, Akaninyene D. Udoikono, Thomas O. Magu, Oliver Maitera, Mohamed I. Elzagheid, Lydia Rhyman, Emmanuel I. Ekeng-ita and Ponnadurai Ramasami
Experimental and theoretical study of the dye-sensitized solar cells using Hibiscus sabdariffa plant pigment coupled with polyaniline/graphite counter electrode 901


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