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Pure and Applied Chemistry Volume 91, Issue 7


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{Conference papers}
{A collection of invited papers based on presentations at the 29th International Carbohydrate Symposium (ICS-29), held in the University of Lisbon, Portugal, 14–19 July 2018}

New insight on the structural diversity of holothurian fucosylated chondroitin sulfates

Ustyuzhanina, Nadezhda E. / Bilan, Maria I. / Nifantiev, Nikolay E. / Usov, Anatolii I.

Page 1065

Carbohydrates and BODIPYs: access to bioconjugatable and water-soluble BODIPYs

Gomez, Ana M. / Lopez, Jose Cristobal

Page 1073

Novel dodecyl-containing azido and glucuronamide-based nucleosides exhibiting anticancer potential

Xavier, Nuno M. / Goncalves-Pereira, Rita / Jorda, Radek / Hendrychová, Denisa / Oliveira, M. Conceição

Page 1085

Discovery of N-methylpiperazinyl flavones as a novel class of compounds with therapeutic potential against Alzheimer’s disease: synthesis, binding affinity towards amyloid β oligomers (Aβo) and ability to disrupt Aβo-PrPC interactions

Matos, Ana M. / Man, Teresa / Idrissi, Imane / Souza, Cleide C. / Mead, Emma / Dunbar, Charlotte / Wolak, Joanna / Oliveira, Maria C. / Evans, David / Grayson, James / Partridge, Benjamin / Garwood, Claire / Ning, Ke / Sharman, Gary / Chen, Beining / Rauter, Amélia P.

Page 1107

Stereoselective synthesis of sugar mimetics from simple monosaccharides

Jarosz, Sławomir / Tiara, Karolina / Potopnyk, Mykhaylo A.

Page 1137

Solvent issues in the Baylis-Hillman reaction of 5-hydroxymethyl furfural (HMF) and 5-glucosyloxymethyl furfural (GMF). Towards no-solvent conditions

Wang, Lianjie / Tan, Jia-Neng / Ahmar, Mohammed / Queneau, Yves

Page 1149

New syntheses towards C-glycosyl type glycomimetics

Somsák, László / Bokor, Éva / Juhász, László / Kun, Sándor / Lázár, László / Juhász-Tóth, Éva / Tóth, Marietta

Page 1159

Liquefaction of almond husk for assessment as feedstock to obtain valuable bio-oils

Mateus, Maria Margarida / Matos, Sandro / Guerreiro, Dinis / Debiagi, Paulo / Gaspar, Daniela / Ferreira, Olga / Bordado, João Carlos / Galhano dos Santos, Rui

Page 1177

Galactosyl and sialyl clusters: synthesis and evaluation against T. cruzi parasite

Figueredo, Andreza S. / de Andrade, Peterson / Riul, Thalita B. / Marchiori, Marcelo F. / De Leo, Thais Canassa / Fleuri, Anna Karoline A. / Schenkman, Sérgio / Baruffi, Marcelo D. / Carvalho, Ivone

Page 1191

2-Deoxyglycosylation towards more effective and bioavailable neuroprotective molecules inspired by nature

Dias, Catarina / Matos, Ana M. / Blásquez-Sanchez, Maria T. / Calado, Patrícia / Martins, Alice / Dätwyler, Philipp / Ernst, Beat / Macedo, M. Paula / Colabufo, Nicola / Rauter, Amélia P.

Page 1209

Conformational changes in common monosaccharides caused by per-O-sulfation

Gerbst, Alexey G. / Krylov, Vadim B. / Nifantiev, Nikolay E.

Page 1223

Contribution of non-enzymatic transglycosylation reactions to the honey oligosaccharides origin and diversity

Silva, Soraia P. / Moreira, Ana S. P. / Domingues, Maria do Rosário M. / Evtuguin, Dmitry V. / Coelho, Elisabete / Coimbra, Manuel A.

Page 1231

Acid-mediated N-iodosuccinimide-based thioglycoside activation for the automated solution-phase synthesis of α-1,2-linked-rhamnopyranosides

Kohout, Victoria R. / Pirinelli, Alyssa L. / Pohl, Nicola L. B.

Page 1243

Synthesis and biological evaluation of S-simplexides and other analogues of simplexide

Roux, Amélie / Loffredo, Stefania / Ferrara, Anne Lise / Murphy, Paul V.

Page 1257

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