eTOC Alert ‘Pure and Applied Chemistry’ – December 2021

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Pure and Applied Chemistry Volume 93, Issue 12 

December 13, 2021 Page range: i-iii

In this issue
December 13, 2021 Page range: iv-v

Special topic issue – Emerging Technologies and New Directions in Chemistry Research


Michael Droescher, Javier Garcia-Martinez and Zhigang Shuai
Emerging technologies for a more sustainable future 1351

Invited papers

Shijie Yu, Liting Pan, Yunmao Zhang, Xinyu Chen and Xu Hou
Liquid gating technology 1353

Miles H. Aukland and Benjamin List
Organocatalysis emerging as a technology 1371

Rong Hu, Guiquan Zhang, Anjun Qin and Ben Zhong Tang
Aggregation-induced emission (AIE): emerging technology based on aggregate science 1397

Xuefeng Jiang
Future directions of environmental chemistry 1417

Hui Chen, Yipu Liu, Bo Zhang and Xiaoxin Zou
Future directions of catalytic chemistry 1425

Yuyuan Lu, Geng Deng and Zhigang Shuai
Future directions of chemical theory and computation 1437

Jing Cao, Ding Ma and Shu-Hong Yu
Future directions of material chemistry and energy chemistry 1449

Zhi-Yuan Gu, Shi-Shu Yang, Ming Xu, Xiang-Da Zhang, Chunhai Fan and Jinghong Li
Research frontiers of chemical detection and measurements 1467

Qing Zhu and Chao Liu
The future directions of synthetic chemistry 1477

Shanshan Lv
Research fronts of Chemical Biology 1487

IUPAC Technical Report

Daniela Stoica, Bárbara Velasco Anes, Paola Fisicaro and Maria Filomena Camões
Feasibility of multifunction calibration of H+-responsive glass electrodes in seawater (IUPAC Technical Report) 1501
{See IUPAC project 2013-013-1-500}

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