eTOC Alert ‘Pure and Applied Chemistry’ – August 2022

A new issue of Pure and Applied Chemistry is now available on De Gruyter Online.

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Pure and Applied Chemistry Volume 94, Issue 8 

October 14, 2022

Special issue – IUPAC Distinguished Women in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering ; keyword: IUPAC Distinguished Women in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering


Mary J. Garson
IUPAC Distinguished Women in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Awards 2021 913

(See also earlier collection published Pure Appl. Chem. 91, 175 (2019),; PAC 91(2); or


Invited papers

Mei-Hung Chiu
My journey in chemistry education 919

Barbara A. Baird
My path in the company of chemistry 943

Abeer Al Bawab
When passion meets purpose: love for chemistry drives female Jordanian professor 951

Hsuanyi Huang, Rong Li, Cuixia Li, Feng Zheng, Giovanni A. Ramirez, William Houf, Qiang Zhen, Sajid Bashir and Jingbo Louise Liu
Perspective on advanced nanomaterials used for energy storage and conversion 959

Radhika Raveendran, You Dan Xu, Nidhi Joshi and Martina H. Stenzel
Progress of albumin-polymer conjugates as efficient drug carriers 983

Rakhi Majumdar and Supawan Tantayanon
In-situ synthesis of metal nanoparticle embedded soft hybrid materials via eco-benign approach 999

David Kuntz and Angela K. Wilson
Machine learning, artificial intelligence, and chemistry: How smart algorithms are reshaping simulation and the laboratory 1019


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