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Pure and Applied Chemistry Volume 91, Issue 4

In this special issue of Pure and Applied Chemistry, in celebration of the International Year of the Periodic Table and the 100th anniversary of IUPAC, we recognize a number of the women who received the IUPAC Distinguished Women in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering Award. They have provided short technical reviews for this special issue, or have provided career advice and insight for future scientists and engineering, or have provided examples of how they have navigated the many challenges and opportunities they have encountered in their own careers. This issue is the continuation of PAC Volume 91, Issue 2, released in February.
See also recent announcement of the Awardees of the IUPAC 2019 Distinguished Women in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering and “IUPAC Distinguished Women in Chemistry: Contributions to Science and CareersIUPAC 100 Stories. Retrieved from


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Half- and mixed-sandwich metallacarboranes for potential applications in medicine

Gozzi, Marta / Schwarze, Benedikt / Hey-Hawkins, Evamarie

Page 563

Synthesis of pyrrolizidines and indolizidines by multicomponent 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition of azomethine ylides

Nájera, Carmen / Sansano, José Miguel

Page 575

Computational study of acylphloroglucinols: an investigation with many branches

Mammino, Liliana

Page 597

Metal-support interactions in the design of heterogeneous catalysts for redox processes

Lokteva, Ekaterina S. / Golubina, Elena V.

Page 609

Synthesis of polymacrocyclic compounds via Pd-catalyzed amination and evaluation of their derivatives as metal detectors

Averin, Alexei D. / Beletskaya, Irina P.

Page 633

Perspectives of ferrocenyl chalcones: synthetic scaffolds toward biomedical and materials science applications

Montes-González, Ingrid / Alsina-Sánchez, Ambar M. / Aponte-Santini, Juan C. / Delgado-Rivera, Sara M. / Durán-Camacho, Geraldo L.

Page 653

Synthesis of inorganic polymers under ionizing and super high frequency irradiation: role of reaction media

Tarasova, Natalia P. / Zanin, Alexey A.

Page 671

Bioceramics: from bone substitutes to nanoparticles for drug delivery

Vallet-Regí, María

Page 687

Surface forces measurement for materials science

Kurihara, Kazue

Page 707

From academic research to founding a company: the story of AiCuris

Rübsamen-Schaeff, Helga

Page 717

Progression towards a challenging, but worthwhile career

Aroguz, Ayse Zehra

Page 729

Efforts to improve Japanese women’s status in STEM fields

Souma, Yoshie

Page 733

A brief overview on Brazilian women in chemistry

Santos, Natacha Carvalho Ferreira / Valli, Marilia / Bolzani, Vanderlan da Silva

Page 743

Science in my life

Mascarenhas, Yvonne Primerano

Page 751


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