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Pure and Applied Chemistry Volume 88, Issue 4


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19th European Symposium on Organic Chemistry (ESOC-19)

Rauter, Amélia P.

Page 307

Minor enantiomer recycling – a strategy to improve enantioselectivity

Moberg, Christina

Page 309

Reactions and interactions between peri-groups in 1-dimethylamino-naphthalene salts: an example of a “through space” amide

Wannebroucq, Amélie / Jarmyn, Andrew P. / Pitak, Mateusz B. / Coles, Simon J. / Wallis, John D.

Page 317

Mechanistic aspects of the stereospecific reduction of chiral hydroxyalkyl phosphinates and phosphine oxides

Lemouzy, Sébastien / Nguyen, Duc Hanh / Gatineau, David / Giordano, Laurent / Hérault, Damien / Buono, Gérard

Page 333

Synthesis and structure–activity relationships of ionizable 1,3,4-oxadiazol-2(3H)-ones as peripherally selective FAAH inhibitors with improved aqueous solubility

Beliaev, Alexandre / Ferreira, Humberto S. / Learmonth, David A. / Bonifácio, Maria João / Torrão, Leonel / Pires, Nuno M. / Soares-da-Silva, Patrício / Kiss, László E.

Page 341

An easy approach to dihydrochalcones via chalcone in situ hydrogenation

Jesus, Ana R. / Marques, Ana P. / Rauter, Amélia P.

Page 349

Synthesis of glucopyranos-6′-yl purine and pyrimidine isonucleosides as potential cholinesterase inhibitors. Access to pyrimidine-linked pseudodisaccharides through Mitsunobu reaction

Batista, Daniela / Schwarz, Stefan / Loesche, Anne / Csuk, René / Costa, Paulo J. / Oliveira, M. Conceição / Xavier, Nuno M.

Page 363

Palladium catalyzed oxidative aminations and oxylations: where are we?

Lorion, Mélanie M. / Oble, Julie / Poli, Giovanni

Page 381

Sustainable gold catalysis: synthesis of new spiroacetals

Wagner, Bernd / Belger, Katrin / Minkler, Stefan / Belting, Volker / Krause, Norbert

Page 391

How to name new chemical elements (IUPAC Recommendations 2016)

Koppenol, Willem H. / Corish, John / García-Martínez, Javier / Meija, Juris / Reedijk, Jan

Page 401

Vocabulary of concepts and terms in chemometrics (IUPAC Recommendations 2016)

Hibbert, David B.

Page 407

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